Monday, October 19, 2009
Okay, Yagami L. SCRAM. @ 19:40

Why is it so hard, dude, just to nicely accept anybody's consideration and opinion though it'd be likely against yours? Why is it so hard just to carefully notice even a simplest things of what they'd been writing in their post to prevent such a misunderstanding, though it'd be likely 'preoccupy' you, Yagami L?

You object me for what I entrusted of so far--eventhough it IS different with the clues the manga had been given--, I'm extremely FINE. You're against me for what I strongly believed, no matter what, I absolutely don't mind. You oppose me for each of my arguments I emphasized defensively in order to resist my own path, it's kindly well. You fool me around for what I carelessly stated--though then I correct it later cause I didn't fully concentrate at the moment I replied your post, I admit--I don't protest. You insult me for my stubborness and for my bad English and that there's some grammar mistakes I've done and that I better improve it--though I perfectly know that yours even worse than mine but you insisted forcefully to write down the word 'uncorrectly', instead of 'incorrectly', haughtyly; EITHER AND INSISTED THAT YOU'RE UNDOUBTEDLY RIGHT AND SO YOU WON'T ACCEPT ANY CORRECTION--I'm okay. You MOCK me, eventually, by that blasted word you threw arrogantly, I don't give even a single care, no. I really never did.

Been in a deep conversation with Wira (Hanabishi Recca) and Kage (Indokage) before and being involved in an endless-accusation with you thus far make me a kinda decide that you simply can't accept another users opinion, whatever it is, and mostly always think that you're the only one who's right, no matter how they've been arguing hardly in order to sustain their opinion. You're as laid-black as that. It doesn't matter whether yours or theirs or mine is right, but one thing caught my interest and DOES matter was a freedom of speech, which certainly needs an acceptance from another person; no matter what.


Okay. Yes, then again, you're often right. But that egoism and arrogance and that indistinct slighting you threw to me OBVIOUSLY is frickin' sickening, you know.

It's a kinda tragic to remember that you named yourself as the one I admire the most in Death Note. FUCK. And that--tolerance--is, I just know by now, was quite hard to be attained. By you.