Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Old in age doesn't mean that you ARE mature @ 21:52

So what if I'm a stubborn? So what if I'm a fool? Just in your eyes, just in your thought, so what if I'm stupid? So what I'm a GIRL??

Am I stubborn for resisting my own way and fighting it against you? Am I a fool for giving you those reasons and debating and standing, still? Am I stupid for completely disputing your shitty arrogance and infatuatedly egoism? Fine. And does me a girl, just because Wira unintentionally stated so, make you completely behave by saying "oh, girl. I shall be nice to a girl. My bad :D" and try to treat me differently, and drastically simply because you disparage me?

I get angry quite rarely, but I get pissed real often and much easily. Just pissed me off to no end, dude, then you'll get me real angry. Just flame me off by mentioning that gender-thingie--and later, age or age-gap or its connection with maturity--then you'll get your literal flame from me AND your face being scorched insanely.

If the truth that I'm a girl DOES alterate you; and--only if you could figure it out--if the fact that I'm 17 in age DOES incarnate you, then FUCK, later, if it is so. Screw you and your contemptible logic. Being both a girl and 17 y/o ARE NOT necessarily to be taken that hard, Yagami; you're a MALE and 23-25 or around but CAN'T be responsible and deal with your egoistical manner--isn't that pathetic, huh? We all know that your decayed and nasty attitude IS really something necessarily to be taken super seriously. Mind your foul head.