Saturday, October 03, 2009
Random. @ 18:10

Dear Miss 1911 whom I'd been stalking to this far,

Thanks for confirming my friend request by several minutes ago :DD
I've been so.. DAMN excited :)

Dear Miss strikingly-quirky whom I thought oh-so-usual-yet-fairly-extraordinary,

Thanks for remembering me as that girl who used such a weird nicknames labelled by '54' at Forum Lautan Indonesia once--actually a few times--we met; where I had ever argued about how bad was he--one amongst those J-rockers you've always been admired, the MOST--looks like with no make up and you were absolutely defied on me and you were a kinda offended; where we had hardly discussed about myv's shocking marriage announcement with that bloody-hell-girl-named-Melody and you were in such a strong faith to believe it was true whether I was against you and.. yeah. That sort of short and unflattering companionship made me never supposed to assume you would call me 'toshii' that kind..

Dear Miss 1911,

thank you. Thank you for everything.

a-17-years-old-girl-whom-you've-just-met-at-10 PM-this-friday-at-one-social-networking-site :)