Friday, October 16, 2009
So Forth. @ 13:02

About that freelancer-recruitements thingie I previously had talked about..

Mum just told me that BPKP had officially halted all of those freelancers who had been worked for months (I really mean that all by ALL, including my bro; though he didn't belong to that foolish demonstration or even knowing certain matter. About what demonstration.. should I tell you the complete story? Well, let's just say.. they were exactly off the limits for doing any protest to such a highly-respected institution as BPKP and being so ungrateful or somewhat other. They wasn't a legitimate worker at all, so--noob--WHO THEY REALLY THINK THEY ARE?) and so BPKP would likely assigned their own worker later and my bro, due to his well-reputation (he's temporarily halted for preventing any jealousy). And if it's possible..--also if there are still any vacancy available--mum will firmly recommend me straightly to the head of BPKP, directly.

Even my bro himself suggested her to do so and supported me wholeheartedly in regard to my perfectly nice ability. YUS! Wish me accepted! :DD