Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Because I'm Awesomely [in]Famous @ 22:02

[It was raining heavily today, too. But no; nothing seems so new. Though part of me keep on missing the real you.

Involuntarily dazed, do you know this causes me so much pain?
When a glance of your fragile smile could no longer remain..?

Striving oppressively, I could still last and continue living by a horde memory of you intertwined, and just walk through.
Not by heart.. We were just got separated by distance, is it true?

I want to breath freely by a prop of that faith, so please bear; don't hide me any secret.
Or my feelings towards you will be just another regret..]

I don't know. But this oh-seems-so-unstoppable rain suddenly makes me a bit unreasonably mello-dramatic.
No harm of it =))