Wednesday, November 25, 2009
For Saicchi. @ 20:36

What you had in mind, actually, when you kinda decided to text my best-friend just to ask anything connecting me? My condition nowadays, my headed-lecture, how well am I.. What was your intention whenever you handed her your facebook e-mail and vaguely requested her to give it to me?

I don't know. Reluctantly knowing it from the said best-friend doesn't even make me happy. It COULD not make me happy, and I'm not exaggerating this. It's you, Saicchi, but why I'm not happy? How come it couldn't even cherish me? IT'S YOU, WHOM I'D BEEN TALKING IN MY NOTES FOR SO LONG; It's YOU whom I'd referred TO. But why? Why I'm not happy though you really care that much of me?
Is it because you didn't ask and show me that you DO care DIRECTLY?

Maybe I'd better be like this. Maybe it'd be better if we just keep on silently missing each other from afar; words fading and burning through distance, miles by miles. Neither with the core nor my own feelings.
Just no. Not now. Years.. probably.