Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Fuuu~ @ 23:56

None of spectacular things occurred today [unless mum who vigorously bought me some of an arrangement and practical questions books for next February *truth be told. With that being said, I clarify myself saying SMBB will be doing at January after clearly checking up the booklet* and kindly brought a COMPLETE package of BUDDHA as what I'd been requested, WOOOHOOO~], but I don't know why, I'm extremely happy \(^ω^\). It did be a nice, great moments, befriending with a fanfiction author I've been admiring for so long and being tagged in each of her fics and having a long conversation and being sent a copies of her fic through e-mail, sincerely, after she herself offered me to [big thankieess! Many many thanks! *bear hugs] whilst I was complaining my dull Opera Mini cause I couldn't read the said fic due to its stubborness which kept on saying 'OUT OF MEMORY' and hearing her intimately called me 'dear'.. It. Really. DID.

I got hooked to Jun aka. chibi_bisque by reading her Past Midnight just this afternoon, which somehow tragically sad.. yet frightening, and beautiful in the same time, even more. AND MOAR.

Even now, I'm still happy \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ FUFUFUFUFU [insert a big, freaking huge wink and grin here].