Wednesday, November 18, 2009
hysteria. @ 07:48

Again, I refused San-chan and Miru's invitation to watch 2012. I've read the reviews. Handicap? DUH. Another idealist movie that accentuating The United States of America as a superpower nation? As the Savior of the World? THE MESSIAH? A film made by an overly discernible patriotic director which narrating America's stale heroic action? Hyper-reality? BLAH. No, I don't even want to join the queue only to see those moving-pictures adapted from such a flat script with a mere spectacular effects. It's freaking overrated.

While doomsday, God's exalted authority when NO ONE SURVIVES; it's something we could NEVER predict.

[On an unrelated] Note: It doesn't always mean that you ARE the only one who's wrong, right; when you heavily argued with somebody and fought and ended up insulting and another came to intercede and s/he was only mediating you but neither with the other, it doesn't mean you're worth to be blamed; and it doesn't also mean that your interlocutor was right, does it?
Comprehension, what is it so wrong about it?