Sunday, November 29, 2009
I.. just considered to. @ 18:04

I've seriously had more than 25-of-an-overly-harcore-NC 17-chaptered-yaoi-fanfictions-which-are-able-to-be-referred-as-an-NC 21-or-X-rated-in-every-aspect-it-might-be-valued I accidentaly found by googling out in boredom and I.. however, feel like I'm gonna throw a liquid out from my already-being-choked-throat [gulps].

It sinfully does feel like a heavenly bliss anytime I read that on the first place, words by words, getting through all those amazing details and steps and scenes and less-hesitantly becoming a bit horny; whether it's Tora X Saga or Tora X Shou or Shou X Saga or SUJK X Leda or even Aoi X Reita *unless Anyone X Hiroto!!* alongside the fics which classified into PWP or smut or fluff or crack or angst, I confess; but on the second thought, NO.
I really consider myself to provisionally quit reading any yaoi-s by now regarding to the sickening feelings I often felt, evaded my stomach [biting her lower lips and fidgeting herself uneasily].

Bah, even my bracketed sentences affected by some phrases the authors' frequently used in their fics DDDDX