Monday, November 30, 2009
Jasper is handsome, nonetheless. @ 20:44

Alright. If you really, really belong to those groups of peoples who inexpediantly dare to yell and call me insensitive and ignorant and WTFIDC and actually despise me due to my integrity in honesty by mostly saying anything thoughtlessly, then SCRAM. FUCK YOURSELF OFF.

FFFFF. Funny.

What on earth is your purpose, anyway, trying to persuade my friends to leave me and calling me a hothead?
A hothead? Just because I wrote a direct address linking to a [really, wise and quite useful] complete review and comment given by a user in a certain site which told us that New Moon is somehow lacking in many aspects [even, he thought it was reasonable if some people gave it 1 out of 10], saved only by Dakota and Sheen and the fighting scene and also left a note "Lucky me decided not to watch it. My Twi DVD was also being lent by Sari and I don't care whether or not she'll return it. Sanctuary, where is it? :D" on my stats?
Why don't you just mind your screwed-up head first?

It's only a MISunderstanding, right, then why? Why did you mock and insult me by that impolite and unpleasant words?
Yes, yes. I know. Don't you ever think I'm not paying attention just because I keep shutting my mouth up. I know we've been being friends. I precisely know how I confirmed your friend request. But NO. No, we never really know each other. We never really being involved into a sort of conversation. We ARE stranger to each other, for God's sake. So. I mean, seriously. Who ARE you?

If we're not meant to be friends, then why don't you just remove me? That's easy. What do you know about me? Throwing a judgement to somebody you don't even know and you, a Twilight fanatics--Not that I hate a Twilight fanatics. No, seriously. I'm fine; AND will truly appreciate them if they're willing to use their objective appraisal, without being influenced by their addiction towards The Cullens or those hot, 6-packed Werewolfs and that Black or anything--what do you want to seek? A victim for your temper? Just because you can't accept that the film is out of expectation and THERE are peoples who criticized and hate it, and don't like it as much as you do?