Monday, November 02, 2009
Live in New York @ 10:42

I've partially lessened my acute and critical blattodephobia* since the very first time I forcibly woke up with that extremely disgusting creature perched over my lips and flapped its frail yet loathsome rear-wings while strewing something smells much putrefied til it woke me paranoidly and intentionally threw a big, damn large dictionary striking down its abdoment and cephalic-skelet so it flattened out and dead; along me was screaming hysterically.

I really accustomed to those things since I eventually figured out that there was always at least a pair of it silently approached at both of my room and the main family bathroom; making me kinda decided that it'll be no use either just to crawl and shriek merely because I had a fear or something. It feels far more relieving if you get your guts and throw anything blunt to kill it mercilessly; trust me.

But I still hate it to death, even so >___>

*Phobia of cockroach