Thursday, November 26, 2009
A Mere Dreams, Or.. @ 03:49

This dawn, just like the past few weeks, I found myself frantically waking up from another High-School Drama dreams tainted by him; wearing a white shirt and a gray trousers as a uniform, an old-green bodypack and a sweater he used to wear to school; stealthily staring at a younger girl who was running exited the class, scarcely ignoring him; giving a very quiet yet long sight instead a direct action which inarguably still be captured by a pair of her orbs.
My orbs.

If it was this often.. should I begin to believe that it may extend me something? Nowhere, even in a dream, 3 A.M.; then where and when could I get you off my life? How could I be free and forget you at least when I do want to?
Either I shall be happy or morose, I don't know.

[As for you, what are you dreaming of, Saicchi?

Good night.