Thursday, November 05, 2009
no matter what @ 00:15

I do fucking hate how you claim yourself as a young 20 y/o adult while you DID commute against our parents and me.

Just because we seriously dislike that uncivilized whore, just because we truly detest her immoral and disgrace plan and strongly rejected it, do you think it is right to oppose your family?

You call yourself mature and I'm childish while you locked yourself on your room and freaking punched and crashed your head off a wall anytime you got your wrath--is that what you call as maturity, HUH? NO self-control?

It's gotten to be real annoying twice I had this 'maturity-case', and enough. It fucking pissed me off.

Where has my unending-sanctuary been going? When has my awesomely great protector been disappearing? How far has that definition of maturity been shifting away, can you just tell me? How far would you let that fury take charge and vanish the very true you? I did neither utterly state nor fretfully talk that I'm more tactful than you, but please. I want you to stay unchanged. I want my brother whom I used to sleep with whenever I'm scared with that 'something under the bed'. My brother who used to cheer me up whenever somebody broke my heart. My brother who had been being the very first best friend I've ever had..

Or I'll lose every single respect and love I have towards you.

I want you to stay like what you really were.

And act wiser.