Monday, November 16, 2009
no. @ 07:47

No. I seriously am not a type of person who will hate someone just because most/some of my friends hate her/him as equal. No; I'm neither a kind of person who will love anybody just because my friends do. Nor a sort of person who bears her hatred of a certain people explicitly by telling everybody whether her/his flaws or anything s/he've done that causes my hostility.

Even after what the rumors and those victims of you had said, that you've always been boasting for something you actually don't, being a fake, forging your real name, falsifying your own belief and RELIGION, pretending that you're taking blablabla and going to blablabla though you ARE not, counterfeiting anything just to create your own ideal life simply because you hate your current life for nothing's sake and being a literal bullshitter for almost EVERYTHING; I still deem you as my friend. Whom I gave my number. Tagged a hundreds of photos. Shared a bit of my life. Whom I listed as my sister at siblings list on Facebook. As long as you don't harm me, it'll be okay.
Now that I remove you from my friend list cause I finally felt how, is it wrong?