Thursday, November 05, 2009
Stab my back @ 22:38

Please. Stop thinking like you're tremendously crucial just as what you wanted to be. Stop thinking like your measures and presence excessively meant that much for me. Even if we were a schoolmate for six years, even if we were a classmate for three but you heartlessly dare to dump me, do you really think your attendance affects every sector of my life real significantly?

I can stand myself without you. I DON'T NEED YOU, if you wish it to be that crude. You didn't accept my apology--though it wasn't my fault. IT WAS YOURS but I came up as the only one who acquiescently said "sorry"--? Fine. You didn't reply my text and changed your number to avoid me? Fine. You either blocked my facebook account or removed my name from your friend list and set yours to be somehow private? Fine. Have it your way. Moreover, after all the above, after you'd been disappointing me, I still consider you as my friend. EVEN AFTER YOU UNREASONABLY WOUNDED ME, I still willingly thought so. You're my friend who share some similarities with me. But now SCRAM, if you wanna live with that egoism and bear any grudge along. I won't give a fucking damn.

Again, eighteen. Maturity-case.
I'm getting fucking sick of this.