Friday, December 18, 2009
...and it does be an intoxicating candy. @ 20:05

Then. As what I've said yesterday. I came to mum's office, signing here and there until my hands were stiffen and finally I GOT MY 1ST SALARY TODAY!!! >o< [swaying madly] Okay, I know. Part-time worker's. It's just a mere Rp.500.000,00, [again, an extra from mum cause she, too, got an extra-time and several projects payment which I'm sure costs almost 20 times bigger than mine. WOOO.] and you might think I'm waaay to over for this, but you really have to feel yourself a money you got from your own effort. IT'S SWEEEEEET >w< IT POSSESSED YOU AN ILLOGICAL AND UNFADING LUNATIC DRUGGED FEELINGS. FFFFFFF.
I even consider to preorder my own copy of Arena 37C Special Edition after knowing the features, articles, bonuses and its front cover, but NO. NO WAIIII. I prefer to spend it for another necessary things, anyways :D

My brother, however, got more than 10 times from mine as his salary for being a legal freelancer and I assume he'll be back at home with something expensive. How I wish to become a freelancer T^T