Wednesday, December 09, 2009
Despite of what I've done, I.. @ 20:46

So. I just've been joining Shattered-Tranquility.net's--which I've always got myself into for knowing recent updating news from any vk bands--2nd Anniversary Contest this noon; using two of my hotmail e-mails under different names [though S-T.net's team've been warning the participants for not sending multiple answers with such fake aliases or otherwise they'll be disqualified.. I mean, Oh. Come on. Only if they figure it out, really XP. Come ooon.. ] AND luckily, my answers was all correct and so I got 4 TICKETS, 2 TICKETS for each two-subcontests [born-sub and Satsuki-sub; the questions given based on S-T.net's interview with them which I've previously had read back at November; filled under two separated form and every user is free to join one or both and the deadline is today, 11.59 P.M.]!

[I won't post another two, anyways :D]

Even a natural born honest could do anything for everything s/he wants. FFFFFF.

I'll leave it to God whether or not they'll be tracing the IP Address or anything to find a cheaters or such XDD Seriously. This isn't a friggin' huge-scaled contest with an expensive-priced giveaways [except the ori sign!], right. Still, in spite of what I've done clearly seemed like fraud or deceit, I DO and really wish that I'll win either born's 『 with hate. 』 single Ryoga, K, Ray, KIFUMI and TOMO's original autograph or a signed photo and flyer of Satsuki -砂月- [ex- RENTRER EN SOI]; on the raffle drawing at Thursday, December 10th. Best of luck for myself! [prays to God and fully wishes that He'll grant it.]

As for today, AGAIN. I fought with DAD due to certain simple matter which strangely makes him threw me any rude words easily.
And I cried, yes. I mentally cursed and how I exceedingly despise him to no end for his cheap hypocrisy.