Friday, December 11, 2009
Indies ARE the BEST! @ 23:55

I decided to skip the extending assets-Construction Management Works and Business part due to font's absurdities reasons. Don't know if mum will accept my objection THOUGH, fuck, I will never be bothered myself for that section for no matter what. I'd better not be paid and stop and I knew no one's gonna do it at all as me. As well. FUCK, Indosiar's been planning to move TGQSD's runtime to 22.00 PM from 16.30 PM and restart it from the very beginning just for a MERE sake of BBF. BLAH. GAAAAAHH. FUCK, BBF.
BBYZ, Yoo Shin. BBYZ, Dae Nam Bo T^T [waving languidly]

Also, this is the XXth time I listened to DELUHI's Follow the Future and -OZ-'s Athena plus Filmy today. Heavy rock sounds. Aggressiveness. The vocalists' screams and growls are greatly blended and synchronized with the fascinating chored melodies and rhythms, radical yet impressive basses, plus the quick-thrusted and rhythmic drums. THEIR SKILLS ARE AWESOME! [rabid FG MODE] <3