Thursday, December 31, 2009
Minutes to Midnite. @ 21:48

It's just several minutes left, and eventually I'll be going to 2010, crossing 2009.

In the past, I've had a loads drama, funny things, exciting, saddening, boring, annoying, and even shameful moments.

In 2009, I fell in love for real with Visual Kei. I knew the music since 2005 or such, but this was the very first time I really sank to it.
In 2009, I made a debut by writing a series of a critically-acclaimed fanfiction and some other beautiful storylined oneshots.
In 2009, I joined Forum Lautan Indonesia, J-loverz, kaskus, TW, crunchyroll, ameblo, batsu, and FiClub and figured out that foruming is really fun.
In 2009, I made a lot of friends from a lot of bases with different character and interests.
In 2009, I turned out 17 and have proved myself that 17 ain't so sweet.
In 2009, I graduated from High School with an unexpected grades without even studying at all. Friends at FI should've known that I stayed OL there the whole time.
In 2009, I have a very last vacation for 3 days with my classmates at a villa. On a midnight friends-comment games, I remember that Saicchi sheepishly described me as a "smart, ambitious and japanese [freak].", followed by all the classmates deriding at us.
In 2009, I have my inaugural TOEFL test.
In 2009, I wore kebaya and high heels and used a matte make-up for my HS farewell event; and not to dismiss that my friends got stunned over the wholly 'new' me.
In 2009, I left my STK at Sabuga, almost lost it; finding my name announced through the megaphone and I was indeed freaking embarassed when all of those eyes were staring at me while I got my STK back from an examining boardman at SNMPTN registration.
In 2009, I got Aoicchi, my blue handphone, robbed at Gramedia Merdeka.
In 2009, I confessed my feelings to Saicchi.
In 2009, I passed SNMPTN and SMBB; accepted both at UNPAD and IT Telkom.
In 2009, I have a heck rough family feud which almost made my parents divorced and MOST crucially caused my lecture postponement. And yeah, I was so damn stressed about it T______T.
In 2009, I moved to a new house, new neighbourhood, new environment, hoping for a new better life.
In 2009, Mum and Dad were irritatingly reconciled. Surely I and my brother would never give him any excuses, no contest for it.
In 2009, I fell in love even more with indie music and decided that DELUHI and -OZ- are my most favorite.
In 2009, I got a part-time work and achieved my own salary.
In 2009, I realized that those obstacles which popped up and obstructed my path transformed me into a tough and persistent young lady as I wanted to be.

And so on. And so forth.

2009 was.... Eventful.

I neither can say that it was pleasing nor satisfying since I often went into a myriad of misery and lonely and depression, but then it goes, fading; leaving me living in the present. Staying unchanged, strongly moving forward through seconds into an uncertain future; still trying not to forget these memories I had.

As for 2010.. I'm wishing it to be a much better and better and be a luminous year; where happiness, joys, longings-fulfilling and bright days would linger and happen throughout the blossoming days, weeks and months. Though NO, I'm not going to make any resolutions nor target since I don't want to push myself too hard just to fulfill the aims I've planned or else I'll be freaking dissapointed.

Oh, right; we're having a garden party, bonfire, steaks, ribs and fireworks tonight.

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