Sunday, December 20, 2009
Pricks. @ 22:33

Fuck, ARM, what did you intend to by cussing around us and being so irritatingly whiny? I wonder why there are so many attention-seeking bitch nowadays.

So stop fucking claiming for anything you are not and never worth to. Stop fucking insulting my friends. No, you didn't piss me off, yes; and I was not even bothering myself to be pissed. But you pissed my friends fucktardedly til I voluntarily got myself pissed. Stop being so annoyingly fucking innocent and pretending that you're the one who's being humiliated while the truth is you're the one who's humiliating my friend. FFFFF.

Literally fucking bullshitter, overly fucking drama-queen, alay, capslock-and-shift-button-abuser, shallow faker plus an alien from another planet with her own native-prehistorical-unreadable-language, eh? What do you expect? GET YOUR FUCKING ASS OFF ME, SHITTY. I'm fed up already.