Sunday, December 27, 2009
that was how I spent my inaugural salary. @ 21:20

I went out shopping with Dad today.

Even when he did ask me a couple things to break off the ice, I strangely was pissed. Even when he freely added another pair of cute-brown-colored-Gladi I previously wanted to buy as my purchased items but have to be cancelled, making it three [with a pair of black-strapped Gladi I cheerfully picked and an awesome sneakers I couldn't resist *v*. Ah, yes; I'm a Gladiator freak], I was still pissed. Even when he bought me a doze of J.Co and paid me for lunch at a fancy resto, I was still pissed. Even when he offered to help me bringing the stuffs cause I was pretty much occupied with a box of Vans Slip On Classic-Black and several magazines plus comics on the left, two box of the said Gladi and a box of donuts on the other hand; I was still completely pissed.
No, it wasn't because moodswings or bad feelings or what. It's just... simply, him.

I could never forgive him, to be honest.

Thanks to Issa, thanks to my Uke, Yuera Kazuki; thanks to 2 bottles of Pocari and 4 sticks of Richeese cheese paste. I'm getting much better.