Thursday, December 03, 2009
Tora.. Tora.. >.< @ 23:29

I miss Torashi [and his titanic scene with Shou when he was extending his hands on the credit title 8D] ;w; I miss him on Untitled Vandal(ism): Graced the Beautiful Days and how skinny he was whenever wearing that black Ts; thin enough rather than on his appearance at the latest Nico Nico Live ;A;

About today's work.. I don't feel like telling it. Just suddenly stopped after doing 3 sheets only and continue reading Animonster-January due to the data unrecognizeable/incomprehensible format, instead of admitting that I was suddenly being so indolent to do that :p.

Oh, yeah, I'm also planning to make a DELUHI-boys, psychological drama-thriller; an idealist oneshot fiction rated PG-13 with a one-sided Juri X Leda, SUJK as a not-so-important aka. supernumerary driver [I AM SORRY DD': YOU'RE THE 2ND, BELOW TORASHI, BUT I REALLY CAN'T THINK ANOTHER BETTER ROLE FOR Y-- *got snapped* *sobs*] and Aggy as the villain [blame that pure smuggler-looks! FUFUFUFUFU~]. I'll make the complete storyline first tomorrow and guess, I'll be needing a beta-reader, seemingly. Hopefully DONE! >.<