Friday, December 25, 2009
a wholly sensitive day, whee. @ 22:20

I couldn't believe that I would feel pity for you right after you confessed that I was right when I encountered your very crucial yet cliché motive just because you're vaguely alike me in the very least bit.

See? I'm still detesting you even if I feel very slightly concern, but trust me. I'm perfectly getting used to such a loving-some-random-guy-obsessively-til-it-choked-our-throat-off-and-possessed-a-possessive-instinct-towards-the-target case, hence no. I'm not that humble and narrow for ignoring risks and taking EVERYTHING to get to him. Doing everything, including impersonating the girl who's currently his lover, yet mocking her harshly, bashing and humiliating her and making her looks bad in front of her friends. NO WAY ON EARTH.

Ah, anyhow. It's still raining here.