Sunday, December 06, 2009
Yes. @ 16:44

..And it makes me fondling upon those memories. And it makes me reminiscing of all the ribbons of you intertwined in a limitless past, where a rose grew between us.

The warbling wind, the fragrant sunshine that streaming through the trees.. Since that day, they've all changed their colors.
I've been able to feel the season so many times, but without you by my side..

Have you ever think about me? About us? Even if it's just once..
2 years..--did it just leave you nothing?

[Yes, DELUHI's Hoshi no Nai Yoruni makes me some sort of.. wandering across the riverbank straight to my shiny phase, AND I also can't get over it.
Either the fact that it brings me him or the pretty song itself :|]