Monday, January 18, 2010
Across the Border. @ 23:48

You are everywhere.

In each fantasy, imagination, mirage, ilusion, daydream, delusion, and even a reality of me.

Precisely, how can I erase you if you're almost always there anytime I tilted my head, Saicchi?

Please, do stop following me around. Do stop shading me in most of my dreams and wantonly ruining the whole sphere of it. Do stop haunting me as if you're trying to resurrect the fragments I don't want to arouse and provoke to, please. STOP. Filling me up with hopes and longings cause in the same time it'll hurt me too. Please, stop making me detest you.

Just like today.

Just like this morning when I was finding my former XIst grade mathematics book. Just like then when I was opening it abruptly and got stopped at the 96th page where I petrified to your original handwritings written by pencil in the left side of the paper.
Just like when I eventually remember you were borrowing it that time cause you didn't bring yours and asked me a permission to write the examples of an equation given in the white board.

Screw that, cause it finally was awaken the entire piece of the puzzle began in the middle of July, 2007. Since I got inches by inches closer to you. Since I reacted alongside my natural will and crossed the border of a strangeness which finely divided our entity. Of me.

And also of you.

Geez. I hate rain. DDX