Thursday, January 14, 2010
Be Serious. @ 20:41

Seriously. How many times should I tell you that I fucking hate to repeat things I've already said?

I friggin' despise hypocrisy for no matter what, you knew that. I friggin' despise noobs who couldn't and don't want to learn for no matter what, you knew that. I friggin' detest those who think that they're literally hilarious by joking without recognizing circumstances for no matter what, you knew that. I friggin' detest those who don't know anything but always say "I also do!" or "Me too!" while actually they don't and aren't for no matter what, you knew that.

Yes, I believe you knew without me ever saying that.

Even if you're one of my best friends, if you keep pretending like you know anything, joking and teasing around without knowing recent situation and willingly lying merely for impressing and showing that you're the one who know every single thing like that, I'll undoubtedly hate you.

Seriously. It's not that I myself know everything in this freaking entire universe. It's not that I'm going to remind you what google, yahoo! Search, MSN search or any other search engines are for. It's not that I hate jokes or have never been spurring that thing. But please, do stop lying. If you really don't know certain thing, why is it so hard just to honestly tell me that you DON'T instead of lying? Is a fact that you don't know certain matter always considered as shame? LOL at that conclusion, you know that not knowing certain thing doesn't even make you instantly be a stupid moron or a tennen-boke or what. And please, do joke in a right manner and attempt. Joking and teasing to me, and to everybody else, has its way and limit. Your perverted joke in which consisted such word as 'rape' is really inappropriate though you might hella think it's funny. I think it's NOT. IT COMPLETELY ISN'T.

Wanna say 'Oh. Come on, it's only a joke. You know what joke is.'? Munch my words. I know what joke is, and I know I'm supposed not to take it seriously. BUT REALLY, NOT EVERYBODY WILL THINK THAT 'FUNNY' THE SAME WAY AS YOUR 'FUNNY'. See the current condition when you threw that jokes, look whom you threw your jokes to. Value it whether it's appropriate or not cause it might offend the target due to its improperness. Think before you talk, duh.

On an unrelated, less-serious note: Alsdead's Distrust's downloading progress, 18 seconds remaining. And OH, I love Yuu Aoi. She's extremely cute. :3