Friday, January 29, 2010
a fake 4-months harmonious family. @ 17:56

Remember, ブログ-cchi? That I promised you to tell anything happens in my life from the very first time I was here?

Now that today mum saw by herself his vow was entirely betrayed. Today that she found her husband lied by not granting his promise and still doing that gamble-stuff though he've pledged for quitting. Today that she expelled him due to his disavowal for the second time..

See? That's why I've never trusted and liked him even when he was loosing those empty rubbish that he'll totally change himself by a teary eyes to us. That's why I never treated him nice even after our 4 months reconciliation. And NO, I never forgive him either for what he had been caused to me. I really ain't pitying myself for my broken family, cause I precisely feel deeply sorry for mum, instead.