Wednesday, January 20, 2010
HAHAHAHA. Lots of ppl are questioning it. @ 23:56

At least I can use an excuse that he could impressively play an instrument and more skillfull than you. At least if I post a stack of his photos and yours on the internet, I dare to bet a comparison of people who likes him and you is in between 100:1 in range. And at least cause you're my brother who couldn't aware that what crucial is that I like him for no demands, I humbly award you a 'stupid donkey' instead a 'retard asshole' if you'd likely throw:

"Who's that guy in the picture?" [pointed out at one of Aggy's picture displayed on my laptop screen] "Wearing a PEP and setting his hair with dreads, UNBELIEVEABLE. And do take a look at his pouting pose! Does he realize that he has a friggin' wide lips? AND YOU MANAGED TO GET DRUGGED TO THIS KINDA GUY, OH MY GOD." this statement as my mercy. :D

Oh, have I mentioned that the only one guitar you used to own during your secondary school period was broken and its strings was forcibly severed by you cause you couldn't even play a line of note? >D