Tuesday, January 05, 2010
imbeciles need to grow some brains. @ 23:32

Is claiming and making whether your idols or favorite bands members or favorite singers as either your spouse or fiancéé or koibito fun and necessary?
Does pretending that s/he loves you back and bruiting around to anybody that s/he's entirely yours so no one unless you could ever own her/him crucially become your life resource and give you your daily-energy?

Seriously. It's not like I never went ZOOOMG OOMFFFG HE'S SO PRETTY AND CUTE AND HANDSOMEEEE! over someone. It's not like I've never been being a crazy nut and claiming somebody I exceedingly adored and loved of as mine. I've been there, and done that, trust me. Yet still. Treating your fully respected and beloved person as a mere thing or an object of your 'imagination' and unable to determine the difference between reality and dream, concrete and longing? You knew it IS truly saddening. And seriously. Not that I forbid such matter, NO; but open your eyes widely. See things clearly. Get a life, duh.

The point is, this world has too many fools around who don't even deserve to be called "fool".