Sunday, January 31, 2010
moreover, I even consider you as my brother. @ 23:17

I don't know why my stomach is still annoyingly sick like this. D<

My voice is hoarse. I couldn't speak distinctly for almost half and a day for my throat feels entirely sore. I slept for hours and could only do anything while laying my body off the bed, though thank, God, my cold has already been thrown away. My sight is still hazy and blurry due to my heavy-head, however, and I still have this freaking Algebra waiting to be learned.

A huge F that lately my days were completely ruined and shattered, duh.

...............anyway. Do you know, Natsuki? Though people may find you're ugly. Though people may think you're scary. Though people may assume you're all nothing special and even if tons of them insulting and mocking you like some friggin' nuts as if they knew what trash they're talking about, I'll still highly adore you for no matter how much it costs. You really are my daily savior.