Sunday, January 24, 2010
One Day. @ 22:27

I've been registering myself as one of SMBB IT Telkom participant this afternoon.

Went through a lot this day. Rained heavily earlier since about 3 PM and there was also a sudden-yet-quite-long blackout so there was no way in hell I could do it at home. Went to a warnet near my old house with mum, and a God Forsaken flood obstructed our aim and there were two friggin' strangers riding their bike like shit til the water flood showered us up onto thighs. Another power failure then enthusiastically hit the warnet, and the connection itself was interrupted most of the times even after reviving. D< Later I was mistaken to not add a check point at the site certificate verification-browser exception dialogue box so the browser couldn't even display the login form cause it kept on erroring. When I finally suceedd to pass the form through IE [damn, I HATE IE TO NO END], there were these boys and girls who annoyingly talked a heck loudly beside me until it needed myself to yell at them to be quiet. DX When I finished at 8.02 PM and mum have been going home first, there were no public transportations directing to my house so I have to walk over a hundred meters until I found the only one car, but then there was no ojek driving from the residence's gate to my house block. DDX it was very dark and I entirely had nothing to do. Then there was this old man wearing a sarong who greeted me when I was frustatedly shouting on the side of the street. He was waiting for the owner of a motorbike which its tire was flat and has been being repaired on the nearest auto-repair shop, but then he offered to ride me to my home for helping and for giving the bike instead of waiting. Arrived safely at home, I was all tired, starving, and lacking of sleep but still have to practice Integral. ORZ.

This day's really a lucky-unlucky day.