Wednesday, January 06, 2010
simultaneously epic. @ 21:39

Another retard statement I found somewhere over TW that makes me going WTF, though I knew I'm supposed not to mind it deeply since it's only an opinion;

Natsuki is a sweetheart, and he can growl like hell. He's damn good at it. But he is a terrible, terrible singer. He warbles on like some ghastly imitation of an enka singer posing as a vocalist for a hard rock/metal band. In resemblance, for example, the song is fine, but Natsuki makes me cringe. His vibrato and his range are poor, he can barely hold a note and he has this weird thick, lipsy thing going on.

but seriously.

Are a couple of your ears completely deaf, pardon me? I'm sorry, but please do listen to their NEVER [F], MirroR, White Pallet and another tweaking ballad they've done that ended up being some of their best. Ah, yes, even a lot of their raging songs did show his well done voice in singing/growling/screaming either it's on a softer chorus or on a bridge part. Or lets see. Did you even care to notice that there are A TONS more indies' vocalist who's far worse than Natsuki? Even if indeed his voice in ELF, Adam's and Eve's Apple and earlier sounded wavery and strange [yet reasonably tolerable], is it so hard just to admit that he's improving mesmerizingly and got his peak already?

Oh, okay. This has nothing to do with VERSUS' bland due to its wholly heavy tracks without such balancing tricks by adding slow songs for versatility. Their pieces still often, if not always, exceeded all of those expectations we had and could earn whether an applause or 8-9/10 in scores for being so consistent and true to their idealistic self, at least to me. And fascinatingly. Like you won't be a sort of dick if one of your most favorite being slightly humiliated like that, easily.

Almost forgotten. This year's IT Telkom's SMBB registration is done via online and there's NO PHYSICS amidst those examined-points anymore! YAY FOR NO PHYSICS!! >w<