Saturday, January 16, 2010
Tell Me How To. @ 01:41

So you totally wasted up a precious chances. You ignored the choices, you left; you got yourself stupidly blinded and firmly couldn't see. You ran, you hid; you've always been trying to avoid reality. It could do no harm, couldn't it? To escape and rescue ourselves from an unwanted past. And to still continue living with no remorse haunted us along.

The question is, how if a spark of its flashback keep glistening within your eyes? How if you could never forget it, no matter how hard you tried? Or how if it comes and goes through dreams as if it was attempting to get you to remember and forcing you to reminisce?

I mentally cursed myself for being so senseless that time.

I know I can never forget you, Saicchi. Even without you approached in most of my dreams, making me fall into a sphere of solaces and regrets. I know I can never get you off my mind. Forgetting a thousand seconds of an unforgettable fragments I spent with you beside me is far from possible, and trying to forget him is useless, either, Toshii-cchi, cause he was all there; vividly smiling in numerous memories. Continue grasping and clenching onto your hopes, however.

And this Sadie's Swallow Rain plus NoGoD's Hachigatsu Rakujitsu will soon accompany me to you.