Friday, January 15, 2010
there was a solar eclipse this noon, but I can't see it. @ 15:30

Even if we only met through LI. Even if we then continued meeting in Facebook. Even if we merely talked by texting each other, some certain time, some certain place; if destiny decreed us to pass the exams and meet in IT Telkom, it'd be great if we could be a real-good friends.
Either it's all would seem like a coincidences or uninentionally just unexpectedly happens, I'm wishing and hoping us to be so. I don't know, but I'd really love if we could be befriending. :)

And not to forget, happy 19th birthday, my dearest San-chan. Thank you for accepting me the way I really am. Thank you for helping me a lot. Thank you for reassuring me when I have a problem and cheering me when I was down. Having you by my side to share joys and happiness is one of the greatest moments I've had. Have an exceedingly wonderful blast, cherie. I love you.