Thursday, January 28, 2010
tsukkomi-yaku. @ 19:34

I withdrew my plan to watch Rob Marshall's Nine due to heavy rain today. >____>

As about myself recently.. Idk. MLIA, really average and too average until I feel slightly unwell for I haven't had any sports over than a year [LOL, I do notice, and it's so painfully true. D':], and I also have this irregular roller coaster in which I daily breathed and lived. No necessity to be written in details, but this sleep-and-meal without much workout habit really makes me gaining weight unhealthily and turns me to look so awfully pallid and lusterless. ~____~

I do want to get rid someday and get back my 101.42 pounds, but I have no idea it'll be when.

On another random thought, I still suppose born's RED HOT COBRA is pretty generic rather than the previous release: felony, which is also a decent stuff that lacking in recording quality, arrangements, sounds and Ryoga's unstable vocals. I don't know, it just doesn't meet any of my qualification. D: