Tuesday, February 09, 2010
burn bitch. @ 21:08

So I had just successfully poisoned my ex-high school classmate, Jun, to download herself some vk stuffs and get addicted to DELUHI as much as I did and later it worked, yes; cause she has just texted me minutes ago, telling that Yggdalive is a pure awesomeness. >D~

..while. You know what, huh? I wonder when retards and noobs and any other dumb person will last to their own idiocy. Seriously. They suck in life, man, and I feel liking to choke their throat's up with some sharp-scattered bottles. Darn it, what is it so difficult with mirror creators? You just only need to choose one file hosting-server which you want to get certain things from; AND YOU DON'T NEED TO SPAM MY INBOX ASKING ME HOW TO REGISTER OR WHAT IS THE EASIER WAY TO GET THAT FUCKING THING, GOD. Dammit. Open your mind widely, spread your brains freely. Occupied yourself even if it's just a bit, dickhead. If only at that moment you were in front of me, I wouldn't be hesitating to friggin' kick you on the ass.