Thursday, February 11, 2010
gotta be dead soon. @ 07:03

cocklobin is a huge heart. TONS and tons and TONS of hearts.

Anyway. It's good, isn't it? To stay true to their original accent while another bands were seemed to be a poppish-market-biased and publicly be a quick cash-maker driven by their recording company based on majority demands?

Right, I'm currently talking about -OZ- right now since I just've been watching Pressed Flower PV Preview for their upcoming Wisteria which will soon be in stores 2 weeks from now, and to my very honest opinion, REALLY. They should do a lot of tricks in Retrograde and Another Reign for balancing, or else they'll get boring for completely being ALL RAWR WE ROCKS all the way D< cause what MY EARS GOT was a usually wholly heavy 0:32 seconds with a kickass-yet-catchy chorus followed by a nicely-done verses typical to their usual main course in the previous releases. It's not a bad thing, of course, for each of their songs is generally awesome and easily grabbed me to praise their brilliant piece the more I give a listen; but wouldn't it be bland and just sound so annoyingly repetitive to put that raw, entirely tweaking metallish portion together in an album or singles AGAIN [just like anything they've done in the overhyped Versus] without adding some arrangement-experiments and slower-paced songs or ballads on the B-side for mixture and versatility?

But still, solely, despite the visualisation that kinda reminds me of Moran's Kimi no Ita Gosenfu and D=OUT's Aoi Tori, the flash introduction individually just shows that the full-length track is gonna be pretty much headbangworthy.

And OH, correct, it's been 07 o'clock in the morning right now, and I'm still all awake.