Sunday, February 07, 2010
I'm screwed up. @ 23:53

Somehow... I have this desaturated feelings that my life, body, mind and inner-self is all wrecked as I live through these roller-coastered days.

I don't know why. WHY. I really never did. Waking up feeling miserable and strange has been becoming a daily occurence happened in the past few weeks. As if everything I've done the day before had just gone wrong. Y'know. As if every single thing I did was all mistakes, every single second I passed was all fault, and it really did happened each day which later definitely caused me having a sense of regrets.

Odd, isn't it? Feeling a deep yet undetected threat called reproach and you don't know distinctly why?

I don't get this, seriously. I'm not having moodswings this time, everything was just normal. But on the inside, unbeknownst by me, it's like.... Yeah. Shipwrecks. :/

Maybe I'm just lacking of dopamine. Or maybe I need a lot more sleeps, or nutricious foods, or tons of refreshments. Or maybe just all of them.