Saturday, February 06, 2010
maddening insanity. @ 19:23

I'm merely questioning even until now ever since I've wrote on my previous entry that my waiting for Lycaon's 1st full album was all useless.

What is it so quirky and unique with March, 24th? Now that after re-reading TW's News Board and finding that the fascinating newcomer, cocklobin [Iori's new band; huge thanks to him for I trailed his next project after leaving Siva.] will also be releasing an EP entitled「死と再生 (Shi to Saisei)」alongside 9GOATS BLACK OUT's「TANATOS」, DELUHI's「REVOLVER BLAST」, Lycaon's「Royal Order」, D's「7th Rose」, Amber Gris'「Shoujo no Cuore」, and R-15's「Ningen Shikkaku」, I enthusiastically wonder. What is it so coincided that that bands've been planning to release their stuffs resemblingly on that date?

That day's gonna be epic, really.

Oh, yeah. I also started liking el-Ethnic Legist on another hand. They sounded pretty cool in gaNeza. <3 Can't wait for their「アヌビス」at February, 20th!