Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Natsuki-Nii. @ 19:52

I'm not learning anything and kinda decided that this day's gonna be my whole day off. :3

And. Anyway. I resumed my hibernation-mode on Facebook for no particular reason [unless that I just spent my time too much there, well..] at least until the mid of March when my crucial entrance-test ends. And.. However. I bolded out my words on my previous entry which stated that Pressed Flower is just going to sound fairly identical to another of -OZ-'s heavy-sounding songs due to their unimaginative flash-clip I saw weeks ago that kinda worried me if they'll be ended up being that bland. IT'S A TAD BORING, in fact, for they keep on using their trademark-chorus which inexplicably ruined the whole awesomeness into a crappy-sappy-cheesy; though I really love how they composed the B-side tracks that are generally better. Retrograde is fairly good for it contains some sort of wavery-tempo at about halfway and in the bridge, especially when it slows down and speeds up with an awesomely long screaming voice. The fluctuations are brilliantly divine, BUT WHY DO I FEEL LIKE, in another hand, Another Reign is teasing me cause it seems to be promisingly different in the beginning, yet so sucky in the rest of the whole 3 minutes? It's just too bad the truth that they're one of my most favorite just making this even worse; though I'm still holding out that Viridian will regain my faiths on them just like what White Pallet has been done to bury my dissapointment towards Versus and restore my addiction. The point is, yeah.. Even a great band sometimes could be trapped in the crook of less-experiment-and-creativity.

On another unimportant, lacking-of-serious note: I REALLY HOPE THAT BRAVEMAN RECORD WILL BE DISTRIBUTING A LIVE DVD of DELUHI's summer oneman final tour, BLITZKRIEG ~Toward New Frontier~ and that someone will willingly rip her/his copy and do share it at TW. I know I'm being a bad fan, you don't need to remind me.