Monday, February 01, 2010
..of Welsh vigilante. @ 19:30

..that I was upset due to your improper usage of emoticons. That I can't believe you still couldn't cohesively observe of what your interlocutor might say, which later would be causing misunderstanding. That I dislike you for keep on calling 'stupid' and 'weak' as though you're blaming yourself after I bluntly snapped you, PLEASE. Stop being a crybaby. Stop being an overly drama-queen and DO STOP BEHAVING LIKE AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENT THOUGH YOU'RE ACTUALLY 19, duh!

Seriously. Even my seemed-to-be-infinite patience and tolerance has its own frail restraint.

In addition, anyway. Now that I realize that my waiting for Lycaon's first album,「Royal Order」 and its DVD [contains a PV, Live Footage Clip from 「The End of Delusions」and a Super Long Offshot Footage] releases which firstly planned to be in stores at January, 21st, is useless, I wonder what's so unique with 24th.
AND OH. D'espairsRay is GOING TO RELEASE A NEW SINGLE ENTITLED「LOVE IS DEAD」 [yes, the title is kinda sucky. :p They'd probably put cupids, love arrows and bows and rainbows plus a broken heart with a bright pinkish gradient on the front CD cover or the booklet. XD] at April, 14th; and 9mm Parabellum Bullet WILL ALSO BE RELEASING AN ALBUM CALLED「Revolutionary」at April, 21st! CAN'T WAIIIT. :3