Thursday, February 18, 2010
people tend to see that as a perk, though. @ 13:46

I kinda decided to stop reading fanfiction from now on.

Not all of them, of course; I'm still pleased to pick a based-on anime/manga/movie either it's from Quizilla/LJ/FF.net, but I've attempted to block ANY hardcore NC-21/17 rated with an explicit smut+PWP plot plus mild nudity down from my list with no exception. The one featured real person inside involved in a graphical sexual scene in general is particularly a big NO regarding to the reason that just the same case with those authors out there writing a couple of men I highly adore doing certain things with their partner in his back, I just wouldn't like it if some strangers write a story of me and my friends having sex. It's clearly humiliation, you know, though it indeed couldn't be avoided cause that's basically what happens with J-Rock fanfics--since yaoi is a majority we all want to read. I'm also pretty sure if I start writing stuff about people I know in sexual situation, that could be considered as sexual harassment, which is surely a terrible thing. But what makes me slowly uncomfortable as fuck is, if we personally can't accept someone who says that s/he likes but actually sexually and morally harm us, why should it be any different with J-rockers? Why don't you ever think the possibilities about how they'd likely react towards any inappropriate fictions involved them which written by their dear fans? Not that I've never read it. I've had plenty of them saved in my private documents, which later I deleted cause I just have to painfully admit that reading fandoms+the writer's sexual fantasies showing-off pieces is as cheap as reading Annie Arrow's or Harlequinn novels. But then again, think about it. I might just a cowardly, sideline-viewer; but if we really respected musicians and would love supporting them in a lot of aspects, we aren't supposed to write stories like that, right?

See? I won't be being rude and extreme just like one of TW user who said that fanfiction fans, especially those which based on real peoples added with sexual contents should merely collectively march into a burning oven or sth or being all soft, but the levels of intolerance each J-Rock fans manage to display is totally different, and that's exactly the same with me. Be acclaimed or not, unconscious or not, people who claim theirselves as fans should get this point and take this seriously. In my very honest opinion, fanfiction about fiction characters is one thing, and I find that just slightly disturbing; but fanfiction about real people is just laid-black and plain disgusting.