Tuesday, February 02, 2010
rhetorically written. @ 17:42

Seriously. Why do I always be the one who let myself be occupied and ended up helping though I strongly don't want to? Though I strongly mind, though I'm lazy to do it, why do I often set myself nicely and finished off giving a favor?

When it comes to this intricate matter, sometimes I really can never understand my inner self. D:

As for a 24-25 y/o guy whom I talked about in some of my entries back at October who secretly quoted my post at My Diary thread, LOOOL, you're ironically hilarious. Don't you think by you arguing and denying of what I had written after all those things you've done makes you even more childish than you frankly are? Seriously. Distorting the statement with saying that you're not that old cause you're still whatsoever single and that you feel sorry for yourself cause I make you look terribly bad is firmly irrelevant. At least you should know that I've never judged you with no bases; and at least you should get the point that anything you do simply defines yourself.

And OH, why did you only post at that thread, and later disappeared without visiting Naruto which was the only one topic you used to be active? LAWL. I'll be growing up even without you ask me to and nor me wanted to be.