Friday, February 12, 2010
Spacing Out. @ 22:43

Now I really know and wholeheartedly acknowledge that I'm basically a natural possessive after the better I discovered the real side of her; in a way or another.

And thus, this is apparently why I was usually not ready to be somewhat anchored or tightly tie the bond; to fully commit attaching and believing to one certain person only; or to be together with that person most of the times both in this freaking pseudo, indistinct realm called cyber world and in the exact opposite one. Sharing a bunch of things for which I usually do only with some closest friends and my own family, and maybe Saicchi, isn't as easy as it seems to be.

Cause I'm a possessive girl who doesn't want to be cheated, yeah.

...................ah, okay. Tbh, this bond I'm currently talking is obviously not a common bond we have with someone we're paired/engaged/married with. This is just a spoof I started, and I'm merely rambling.