Wednesday, March 10, 2010
every act will bear a consequence. @ 21:52

You said that I've hurt you way too deep that even longer time is needed to heal those wounds. You said that I'm a cunning, narrow-minded person by throwing you such things. And you said that I'm voluntarily really rude and that my sarcasm is a mockery, at which you've never expected to be.
....over a girl like me.

I know I'm not a good person. I'm not a priest, but I'm not John Holmes courtesan version either. I'm sarcastic, highly self-centered, and I'm very helplessly insecure. I know. I always precisely did.

But duh, seriously. Even if I argued that your reason is just incomprehensible, even if I stated that it's kinda retarded to think we could no longer be friends off to the reasons--that I've stopped from reading fanfics and any other randomness I threw and copied, is it wrong for being honest? I do think that the opinion of "we're heading towards different paths now, so let's just lead each other's life separately. We'd better not be friends anymore." a tad easily is plain retarded, so? As laid-black as that, and I didn't intend to hurt you. I just don't wanna be a hypocrite by saying, "okay. Bye." as if everything's alright. I'm completely unwell, in fact, physically and mentally, and I wasn't feeling somewhat superior against you for I used English, no. I know you've been there and done that, several times, but I still think this was taken due to considerations regarding a mere trivial matter. I don't care whether or not you'd forgive me. Truth is, I'm the same as you. I put faith in my own conviction as to what I believe is right and deem it as a righteous, for whatever it takes. And I'm not going to take my words back.

Thanks for being my friend, however.

Anyway. Happy 19th birthday, Saicchi, best of wishes and luck for you. Having me sending a text to you in which contains that kind of greetings or finding you read this entry after accidentally got it from somewhere.. Either way is impossible.