Sunday, March 07, 2010
the IT day. @ 13:08

I've done the entrance test quite nicely today! :3

Not all the answers I answered were supposedly right, though, but at least I can safely state that it's a bit off my prediction since Bukep kinda told me of the horrific pre-test that way to rough from what she was expected. The English subject was all fine, and so was the TPA point; and even if I'm a tad sure that I've mistaken the last trigonometry number by the wrong option cause the supervisor abruptly took my sheets in the very last minute and so I had no time left to correct it, I'm still confident enough towards the result which will be announced in the next Thursday regardless that it's also determined by the amount of the fee-contribution for it's a private-fund college. :/

However, I guess the committee should firmly rise the level starting next year cause the questions were all just fucked.