Tuesday, April 27, 2010
deliriously repeated. @ 06:18

So I was like... "Eh. So that scummy-racist bigot is actually Byouto who was formerly known and immortalized as a gay-egyptian troller? WOW. Creepy now that he was the very one who sent me a threat-attempting PMs back then after a fight in DELUHI's review within one of his clone, ew. Thank you a gazillion times for tracking all of his alternate identities and making him banned, Champ." ...startled, yeah, specifically; of how an asshole always tried to bash the topics off and how the modmins managed to frame several disjointed users that are somewhat 'inheritance-doll' of he who at least has been causing over than 60% of the dramas. I knew that apart from the fact that he's been contributing much by gathering over than 2,000 thanks and ripping lots of best-quality stuffs he had been snorting too much nonsenses and so he deserves to be deactivated. Kir even said that he's like the Yarakashii if TW is Jhonny's Jimusho's boyband, LULZ.

Moreover--returning to the news that I recently have gotten into, WHY should it be the amazing 9GOATS BLACK OUT who will temporarily be pausing their activity just right after they released an exquisitely experimental-lish TANATOS? It'll be a big loss if their current line-up [both main and support members] will be departing, and furthermore if they'll be permanently disbanding, cause they're way beautiful than the typical of DiruGazAdie UnsRAAAAAW numetal crap that seems overly stale in the VK scene nowadays. Curse the fate with a rubber spoon, it's bugging me off.