Monday, April 19, 2010
an entry to end all of the entries. @ 20:36

..this entry is written only for the sake of the bravest side among my whole sanity. It takes a defiant heart to speak that which cannot be spoken. To utter the forbidden words, the anathema of all things vk, the unspeakable mark of death.

I know few people were able to say these words and live. And I reckon that few will have the bravery to utter them for fear of repercussion. Yet I shall speak them, not for the sake of unveiling my convictions, but for the mere act of saying the words that carry the frightening ability to turn sane minds into madness, to arouse waves of disorder and chaos.

These words are:

I LOVE the GazettE back!!!!

..after for awhile I could quite hate and ignored them, yeah.