Thursday, April 01, 2010
HA. @ 23:33

...has just been having the funniest April's Fool day on Tainted World Forum. FUCKYES, this Ancafe fan is hoping those pranks will last for at least a couple days longer cause the WHALES, DOLPHINS, HIPPOS, HIPSTER SNOWMEN and GENITALS are incredibly epic! 8DD

Anyway, to the point of why do so many people bitch around about people bitching before they've even bitched and the issue that Miku is gonna be married with a Morning Musume's ex Rika Ishikawa and that she is carrying their baby..--I'm not a Cafekko, so I'm not whining nor whoring; hence I personally think YOU can't be that NYAPPY! all the way and still be straight.

It's a joke, alright.