Friday, April 30, 2010

You knew that the title doesn't even relate to the content. Yet, anyway, Kamila. Despite me being so unnecessarily humble, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I'm sorry I'm uncontrollably laughing, but isn't it hilarious to see how far self-ego would turn you out into? And how impossible a person whom you consider as someone you knew could possibly be, in a year or two?

IT FAILS, seriously. Cause firstly, LOL. Secondly, we've been friends since we were in Junior High, so I know you know I'm not a polite person. I should've known that someone who throws a whiny ill-educated rash as a judicious excuse of "WHY DID I REMOVE AND BLOCK OFF AND DECIDE TO CHANGE MY NUMBER TO IGNORE MY REAL CLOSE FRIEND WHO WARNED ME NOT TO BE A MUSIC-SNOB AND BISHOUNEN BLIND-WHORE WHO BITCHED ABOUT HOW KAWAIIII THOSE GAIZ ARRR, WHORING WHORING WHORING AND NOT CARING THEIR MUSICAL ABILITY; IT WAS SIMPLY BECAUSE SHE WAS TRUE YET I COULDN'T ACCEPT THAT" would never be admitting her true intentions and just saying a plain NO while in another hands she actually said that she wanted to reconcile and missed her friend so. Thirdly, it's impressive, really. Megalols to your profound lack of self-awareness, though it didn't seem to be a fact that was of much concern to me. I'd just love too see how you managed to show your freakin' bullcrap and immaturity. <3

And the last, thanks to ALUCARD176 for the praise upon my last.fm's About Me. It honestly made my day. *v*